IJAN is represented in three main regions in Spain, Galicia (Vigo), Madrid and Catalonia (Barcelona). Our main activities are participating in the State Network of Organisations Working in Solidarity with Palestine (RESCOP), which focuses on building BDS at the Spanish and European levels.

In Catalonia, together with Junts, IJAN belongs to a recently created coalition of called Prou Complicitat amb Israel (Enough complicity with Israel) with a focus on denouncing the ties between the Regional Governement of Catalonia and the State of Israel, especially since part of the Catalonian independence movement aligning itself with this governement considers Israel as a model for a future independent State of Catalonia.

IJAN is engaged in confronting Israel around its use of Spain as a base for carrying out its arms trade with Europe and South America.

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IJAN Spain Marches Against the Genocide in Gaza
Invitamos a judías/judíos/judíxs de conciencia a unirse a nosotras/os para exigir el fin inmediato de la escalada genocida en Palestina. Si estas de acuerdo, haga clic aquí.

Una Jornada de Duelo, Conmemoración y Resistencia Continua
Declaración  de IJAN International Jewish Antizionist Network Contra la celebración del “descubrimiento” el 12 de octubre El segundo lunes de octubre se conmemora oficialmente en los Estados Unidos de América el día de Cristóbal Colon, que se celebra el 12 de octubre en los países de habla hispana, y que hace referencia a la expedición ... Una Jornada de Duelo, Conmemoración y Resistencia Continua

Declaración de IJAN sobre los atentados en París, Beirut, Bagdad, Yola y Kano
La Red Internacional Judía Antisionista (IJAN, por sus siglas en Inglés) condena terminantemente los horribles crímenes perpetrados en los últimos días; los que los medios de comunicación han visibilizado, como en Francia, y los que se han negado a ver, como en el Líbano, Irak y Nigeria; y como siempre, en Palestina. Rechazamos estas operaciones criminales – sea quien fuera el o los responsables. Y somos solidarixs con la gente, las víctimas inocentes de estos crímenes.

Spain: A Tale of Two Expulsions
IJAN Spain protests the clear racism of the Spanish Government against Muslims and its attempt to curry favor with Israel for economic reasons. On January 2, 1492, Catholic Spain defeated the Moors, and shortly thereafter expelled all those who would not convert to Catholicism; many converted. A couple of months later, the Spanish Monarchy demanded that all Jews in Spain (perhaps as many as800,000 at the time) either convert to Catholicism or leave the country. A little over a hundred years later even the descendants of those who converted were expelled - illustrating that this was clearly a question of race, not of religion.

Now Spain is in the process of offering the descendants of those Spanish Jews the right of return no matter where in the world they live. Meanwhile no such offer is being madeto the descendents of the Moors. IJAN Spain declares, "we demand that the rights of the Moorish are equated with those of the Sephardim, and that the full diversity of the Spanish state is recognized, in a symbolic gesture of reparation for damages suffered in the past."

This will send a clear and strong message to Europe and to the southern shores of the Mediterranean, to break down the walls of discrimination, racism and inequality, making the present-day Spanish state an example worthy of the shining legacy of Al-Andalus."

Interview with Liliana Córdova Kaczerginski
Founding member of the International JewishAnti-Zionist Network. A daughter of survivors of World War II, she hasbecome engaged in an intense fight, on the theoretical and the practical level,to reveal the true colonial and exclusivist nature of the Zionist project ofthe State of Israel.

Zionism,Judaism, Israel... these are concepts that often get mixed up. Why is this?

These ideas are not easy to understand since theZionist project was conceived and implemented by Jewish people. Zionism is apolitical doctrine, and Judaism is a religion, a culture, and an identity.Like many doctrines, Zionism pretends to be the only ideology of Jewish people,claiming to represent all Jews. What's more, once the State of Israel wasdeclared, the authorities there began to use these words and ideasinterchangeably. For example, they speak in the name of all Jewish people inthe world when the Government of Israel is elected by Israeli citizens. TheJewish community outside of Israel is much larger and does not participate inIsraeli elections. Speaking on behalf of all Jews like this manifests itselfeverywhere; Israel also emphasizes an ethnic link to the ancient Hebrews, whichis without scientific basis (as proven by historians and archaeologists), andis advancing a vernacular history that leads all the way back to the OldTestament in an effort to provide historical legitimacy to the Zionist project.

Judíos antisionistas rechazan apartheid de Israel
[This article from hispantv.comtalks about a recent IJAN initiative, but the original article includes a picture from Neturei Karta,not IJAN.

Este artículo de discute una iniciativa recientede la Red Judía AntisionistaInternacional (IJAN), pero la imagen seincluye es de NetureiKarta, no la Red (IJAN)]





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