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FoundingCharter of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network

Thursday,2 October, 11am

Crossroads Women’s Centre ,230a Kentish Town Road,NW5 2AB
(Entrance on Caversham Rd , KentishTown , wheelchair accessible)


The InternationalJewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN) is launching its foundingCharter in continental Europe, India ,Israel , Latin America,Morocco , the US ,Canada and theUK .


For the past two years IJAN has been building aninternational network of anti-Zionist Jews to support Palestinian resistanceand seed new Jewish anti-Zionist organizing:  


Ourcommitment is to the dismantling of Israeli apartheid, the return ofPalestinian refugees, and the ending of the Israeli colonization of historicPalestine .


Selma James, one of the international co-ordinators of IJAN, said:


We intend tocontribute to a growing international voice that challenges Zionism and itsclaim to speak on behalf of Jews worldwide; and to contribute to the movementto defeat US-backed Israeli imperialism, occupation and ethnic cleansing.


The movementagainst Zionist apartheid must be as uncompromising as was the movementagainst South African apartheid. Anti-Zionism is part not only of themovement against racism but also the movement against war. We are convincedthat we speak to a great unexpressed, in fact censored sentiment of supportfor this perspective, including among Jewish people.


Professor Moshe Machover, co-founder in 1962 ofMatzpen, the Israeli Socialist Organization, said:


Iwelcome this initiative in the name of those Israelis who, together withtheir Palestinian comrades, are struggling against Zionist oppression and forthe de-Zionisation of Israel and the establishment of a progressive commonwealth, in which Arabs andIsraeli Jews live together in peace and equality.


Michael Kalmanovitz (IJAN) said:


Weare challenging the common myth thatIsrael wants peace. Zionists denythe truth: that the state of Israel was established by its massive ethnic cleansing of Palestinian people andthis continues to be its policy. We therefore join the movement forboycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) againstIsrael which the Palestinianresistance movement has called for.


The launch is part of a Month of Action < Confront Zionism – Divest from Israel> in a number of countries, to strengthen support for BDS by targetingIsraeli goods.


The UK Charter launch the will take place on Friday, 24

October, 7-9.30pm, Trinity United Reformed Church,Buck St , London NW1 ( Camden Town ). Thedistinguished Professor Moshe Machover will be one of the speakers.


For a report & video footage of our veryexciting July 2008 London meeting click here.



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