Stop Repression Against the Social Movements

The statementbelow is being endorsed by a number of organizations that are part of the solidaritymovement with Palestine in Catalonia, including the BDS coalition, the GazaFlotilla (now called Gaza’s Ark), a number of NGOs active both here and there,and Junts/IJAN.

We the social movements organise to fight against a system that throws us on the dole, thatevicts a family every 15 minutes, that persecutes immigrants, that imposesworse working conditions on us, that exploits us. We want a dignified and just life for all, and against us the Stateorganises to repress us, and responds to our desire for change withintimidation and violence.

We condemn the growing repression and violence used against thesocial movements in Catalonia. We protest that this strategy violates democracyand aims to maintain the current injustices.

We condemn the fact that the repression we are experiencing in Cataloniais strongly interconnected with the global repression suffered by the socialmovements and specifically, with the Israeli military and securityinfrastructure. The army itself, and private security and military companiesthat maintain Palestine under occupation, have used the Palestinian people as amassive training and research ground that has enabled them to create companies,industries , products and services that our governments buy and use to controland repress the social movements. These products are sold with the "guarantee"of having been tested in real situations in the Occupied PalestinianTerritories.

Support the Plant-a-Tree in Palestine Delegation

Last year we sent a delegation to Palestineto document evidence and learn about the role of the Jewish National Fund inthe on-going theft of Palestinian land and property land and cover-up of thedisplacement of the Palestinian people. 

Per the request of the Palestinian FarmersUnion, Stop the Wall Anti-Apartheid Committee, the Palestinian BDS NationalCommittee and the villages who have lost trees, agricultural plots, farms andhomes to the Israeli military, this year we are sending another delegation toplant trees in villages that are welcoming the effort to replant a fraction ofwhat they have lost. 

We are writing to ask you for your supportfor the January 5-14, 2013 Plant-a-Tree in Palestine delegation to buildsupport for the Campaign to stop the Jewish National Fund (JNF). Weare sending two delegates from the United States who will be planting trees anddocumenting the trip – taking photos and capturing video footage to createmedia and political education materials which we will use to grow thecampaign.

The delegation will be planting 112 trees in3 villages, one tree for each year the JNF has been colonizingPalestine. Many Palestinians have lost fruit bearing trees to JNFbulldozers- olive trees that had been tended for up to 1,000years and citrus trees tended for generations. Members of the PalestinianFarmers Union and other local farmers will choose which kinds of trees theywant to plant. Delegation participants will be activelyparticipating alongside Palestinian farmers in resisting the goals ofthe JNF.

Please considermaking a contribution to the delegation and/or planting a tree in Palestine. Each tree planted will godirectly to one of the three villages and will contribute toward thedelegation’s expenses.


Showing solidarity with Gaza

PROTESTS IN cities across the U.S. continued against Israel’s devastating assault on Gaza.

— In San Francisco, 400 people gathered in front ofthe Israeli consulate on November 19 to support the people of Gaza. This was San Francisco’s third protest in five days in response to Israel’s attack on Gaza and its more than million and a half residents.

Organizations represented were Palestinian Youth Network, Al-Awda, the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, the International Socialist Organization (ISO) and ANSWER. Protesters carried signs which read: "Zionism = Crime" and "End U.S. aid to Israel."

After a few speeches in front of the consulate, the crowd marched down Market to Union Square. With Saks Fifth Avenue as a backdrop, the assembled crowd chanted, "Stop your shopping. Bombs are dropping."

Israel has targeted media, apartment buildings, banks and infrastructure, giving the impression that there is nowhere to hide. Protesters chanted their indictment of both the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and U.S. President Obama, charging them with genocide. Nimit, an educator in the Bay Area, who recently traveled to Gaza and the West Bank, said, "It’s time Palestinians stand up."

"Every U.S. and Israeli administration says Israel has the right to defend itself," said Palestinian Youth Network’s Loubna Qutami. "We say it has nothing to do with national defense. We say it’s genocide." Invoking the spirit of the Arab Spring, she said, "Arab people are readyto live with dignity in their homelands." Qutami called the current assault "a flashback to 2009," adding, "we don’t want to do this anotherthree years from now."

"After the election, Obama wasted no time showing his true colors when it comes to peace in the Middle East," said the ISO’s Jeff Boyette."Obama doesn’t see Palestinians as people. He doesn’t see Palestine as astate that has the right to defend itself."

Rede de organiza

O Estado de Israel e o movimento sionista utilizam a história do povo judeu de perseguição e genocídio para justificar o massacre e a colonização que realizam há 67 anos contra os palestinos, mas nem todos os judeus concordam com isso. Este é o princípio fundamental da International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, rede de organizações compostas por membros da comunidade judaica em diversos países do mundo,que está presente no Fórum Social Mundial Palestina Livre em Porto Alegre durante esta semana.

O Opera Mundi conversou com as ativistas Sara Kershnare Mich Levy, responsáveis pela formação do movimento há cinco anos, sobre os ideais, o funcionamento e o trabalho em rede que realizam.

Activistas de EEUU visitan Venezuela para profundizar en proceso revolucionario

07 Dic. AVN.- Activistas estadounidenses de la Red Judía Antisionista Internacional (Ijan, en inglés) y Red Malcolm X El Poder Popular (MXGM, en inglés) visitan desde este jueves Venezuela para realizar un intercambio de ideas con movimientos sociales mirandinos y profundizar en el proceso revolucionario que vive el país desde hace 14 años, bajo el liderazgo del presidente de la República, Hugo Chávez. 

IJAN's Participation in the World Social Forum Free Palestine

The WorldSocial Forum Free Palestine is approaching fast.  In just a couple of weeks, more than 10,000 Palestinianand solidarity activists from at least 36 different countries will arrive in PortoAlegre to learn from each other and organize together to build a strongmovement to confront Israel and Zionism and the broader injustices theyrepresent and support.

The International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network has beenbuilding with activists in the US, Canada and around the world to build and bringa joint struggleframework to the WSF FP.  Thanks tothe support from everyone who has donated, we have been able to organize adelegation more than 15 strong. We were honored as a delegation to be invitedto have a representative on a major panel.

The US-Canada Joint Struggle Delegation is in the process offinalizing ourworkshop offerings covering a wide range of topics including Israel’s rolein repression in the US and around the world, mass incarceration, environmentalinjustice, labor alliances with Palestine, and asserting an anti-colonialfeminism and combating anti-Arab and anti-Muslim racism.

In addition to working on many of the delegation workshops,IJAN is organizing a workshop on the Caseof Jews Against Zionism and participating in workshops focused on Zionistbacklash and the Campaign to Stop the Jewish National Fund. 

There are opportunities for participation in the exciting momentum andbuilding happening at the WSF FP from your locations! The organizing committee of the World Social Forum Free Palestine has calledfor international actions and media initiatives aligned with the socialforum.

Finally, please continue to support IJAN’s participation with your donations.

Kenney Gala Disrupted

Members of IJAN, Canada participated in an action disrupting thebestowal of an honorary degree to Canada’s Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney, by Haifa University. Itwas a show of solidarity between activists and organizations opposed to Canada’s racist immigration policies and Haifa University’s complicity with apartheid inPalestine.



False story about IJAN in Iranian media

On September 27, the Iranian Republic News Agency (IRNA) published an article involving the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN), claiming that the organization met with Iranian president Ahmadinejad. It references ‘Spokesman for the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, David Weiss.’ Other Iranian on-line websites have reprinted similar stories.

There is not and has never been a member of or a spokesman for IJAN by the name of David Weiss. IJAN has not met with Ahmadinejad. We do not know who is responsible for the misrepresentation, whether the journalist or someone impersonating a member or spokesman of IJAN, but the claim of IJAN having met with Ahmadinejad is false.

Center for Asian American Media Urged to End Partnership with Israeli Consulate

TheUS Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (USACBI),Palestinian and Arab community members and organizations – includingthe Arab Film Festival – prominent organizations and individuals inthe Asian American and Pacific Islander community as well asprogressive Jewish activists and academics call on the Center forAsian American Media to respect the boycott called for by Palestiniancivil society and endtheir collaboration with the Israeli consulate and Zionistorganizations on the China-Israel film fest.

Theoutpouring of support from the Asian American community for thisinitiative reveals the growing understanding of theinterconnectedness of our struggles against racism, oppression andefforts to use progressive issues and organizations to advancereactionary agendas. TheChina-Israel film festival is part of an effort by the IsraeliAmbassador Michael Oren, the Israeli consulate and Zionistorganizations to build support for the growing political and economicalliance between China and Israel and is part of the multi-milliondollar effort to "brand Israel" and counteract the growing outcryagainst Israeli violations of human rights, international law anddecency.

TAKEACTION: sendan email to Stephen Gong, the Director of CAAM, ( ask CAAM to refuse participation in the China-Israel culturalfestival.

Belowread letters from Asian American community organizations, USACBI, theArab Film Festival and progressive Jewish activists and academics.