Ongoing: Three Day Continuous Protest at Israeli Consulate in Toronto 24/7 – 26/7

Continuous Protest at the Israeli Consulate in Toronto

180 Bloor Street West

Across from the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

Stop the Bombardment of Gaza

Boycott Israeli Apartheid

Free Palestine

On 24 July 2014, starting at 9 am, people of conscience, including Muslims, Jews, and Christians, are coming together at the Israeli consulate in Toronto for a three day continuous vigil to call attention to the frightening slaughter of the Palestinian people in Gaza and condemn both the Israeli government and the complicity of Canada. We demand that the Canadian government and the international community call for an immediate cessation of Israel’s assault against Palestinians in Gaza.

This is the fourth brutal military attack on Gaza since 2006, inflicted on a besieged civilian population intentionally deprived by Israel of the basic necessities of life. We decry the active but silent complicity of the Canadian institutions that enable and profit from Israel’s militarism: the public pension funds and Canada’s weapon component industries, the Canadian government and political party leaders who refuse to support UN ceasefires and who never invoke the Responsibility to Protect the people of Gaza.

We are outraged by the many other extreme situations of mass murder and cruelty in the world today. But Israel is unique in its pretentions of being the victim when it is one of the world’s largest military powers and the possessor of nuclear weapons, its pretensions of being a democracy and of having superior values while harshly discriminating against non-Jews. Israel is unique in having the unquestioning political and economic support for its wars from Canada and major world powers.

Israel sets a dangerous international precedent of legal impunity. Ominous for world safety, the Gaza attacks serve as a proving ground for perfecting and marketing unconventional weapons and modes of warfare and surveillance. We join with people internationally in our protest against Israel.

Canadian Jewish Holocaust survivor Ursula Franklin, speaking against Israel’s 2009 attack on Gaza, said Never Again means “never again for all people.” Now, in 2014, Israeli historian Ilan Pappe calls Israeli policies of racism and violence an “incremental genocide.”

Resist Ethnic Cleansing From Turtle Island to Palestine!


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