Call for International Solidarity

Dear FellowInternational Solidarity Activist,

We are calling onour international allies to take action in support of long-time peace and humanrights activists who have come under attack for their work against U.S.occupation and military intervention abroad.

On September 24th,2010, the FBI subjected about a dozen anti-war activists and activists workingin solidarity with struggles in Palestine and Colombia to searches and raids oftheir homes in Illinois, Minnesota and Michigan.  Activists in California, Wisconsin and NorthCarolina were also harassed.

The activists inIllinois, Minnesota and Michigan were served with Grand Jury subpoenas.  They are refusing to testify, a brave choicewhich could land them in jail. The illegitimateGrand Jury process, which began on October 5, must be stopped. The raids andGrand Jury process constitute an FBI abuse of power clearly designed to createa climate of fear among those who dare to fight for peace and justice.  We must bevigilant in our defense of these activists and their right to continue theirimportant international solidarity work without harassment.

This is anescalation of the daily targeting of and culture wars against Arab and Muslimcommunities and immigrants in the United States. It is a continuation of thelong-standing repression of dissent in the United States from McCarthyism tothe brutal targeting of peoples' movements by COINTELPRO, and, of mostrecently, environmental justice activists. It is also part of an increasing wave of right-wing hate that has beenlegislated through state and federal policies that turn police into immigrantbounty hunters.  

We are calling onour counterparts - anti-war, human rights, Palestine and other internationalsolidarity activists, anti-racist activists and grassroots organizers - to actin solidarity with those being targeted by political repression. We ask you tostand with us now to publicly defend the rights of all activists andcommunities in the United States who express dissent against U.S. policy andwho work for peace, human rights and global justice within and beyond USborders.


Tell them that theUS government has to be held accountable for this repression and that you join withthe US activists in condemning US war and occupation, including its support ofthe Israeli occupation of Palestine and US intervention in Colombia.

Below is a draftfax or email and is also useful for talking points if you call the US embassy.

Here is a link tointernational US embassy contact information:

IF YOU ARE IN THE UNITED STATES, Call the U.S.Attorney General Eric Holder at 202-353-1555 or write an email to:

Please email yourletters on 10/11 October and 'bcc' or send a separate copy to

Here isa link to importantstatements and reports with greater details on the raids and calls toaction:

In the months aheadwe will be contacting you again to ask that you demonstrate yoursolidarity as these activists face grand jury trials. 

Thank you for yourattention to this urgent matter. 

In solidarity andjoint struggle, 


Center forConstitutional Rights

GrassrootsGlobal Justice Alliance

InternationalJewish Anti-Zionist Network

Malcolm XGrassroots Movement

United StatesPalestinian Community Network


Sample email orfax:  

As internationalanti-war and international solidarity activists and organizers, we denouncethe raids of the US government on US-based Palestiniansolidarity activists, anti-war activists, and other internationalsolidarity workers that took place in several U.S. cities on Friday, September24th, 2010. We denounce the daily raids on immigrants and the repression ofArabs and Muslims who stand up for their families and communities.

Weare outraged by the denial of human and civil rights of socialjustice activists who speak for justice and peace for our world. Wepledge our solidarity with efforts to fight for the humanity of all people andagainst the role of the US government in domestic political repression, andinternational war, occupation and intervention.

We demand thatthe US Government:

**Holdthe FBI and all intelligence and police agencies accountable to stopping therepression against anti-war and international solidarity activists

**Immediatelyreturn all possessions taken from the activists' homes: computers, cell phones,papers, documents, etc.

**Endthe illegitimate grand jury proceedings designed to intimidate and criminalizethe targeted activists

The activists being targeted are involvedwith many groups, including:

*        TheTwin Cities Anti-War Committee

*        ThePalestine Solidarity Group

*        TheColombia Action Network

*        Studentsfor a Democratic Society

*        FreedomRoad Socialist Organization






Click here to download the 120-report which exposes the funders of Zionist backlash on campuses and in communities