14-City Never Again for Anyone Tour

We started 2010 with our Never Again for Anyone tourwith events in fourteen cities across Europe. Dr. Hajo Meyer, an 86-year old survivor of Auschwitzand member of IJAN Netherlands, spoke to his perspective on the Zionist "Misuseof the Holocaust for Political Purposes." For most of the tour his talk was accompanied by a video presentation orlive discussion with Dr. Haidar Eid, professor and activist with the OneDemocratic State Group in Gaza.Drawing on his experience in Nazi Germany, Dr. Meyer identifies many parallels inthe role of dehumanization and discrimination in the preparation of the Germancitizens to participate in the Nazi genocide of many and the preparation ofIsraeli society to accept and participate in the ethnic cleaning ofPalestinians.

On January 27, Holocaust Memorial Day, IJAN UK organized anevent in the House of Parliament with Dr. Meyer. Dr. Eid joined us viateleconference and representatives from historic and current day struggles - fromthe Potato Famine to the Armenian genocide and the Roma to the Atlantic SlaveTrade - against genocide shared their stories and resistance. Then, in France, IJAN France brought together activiststo challenge the exceptionalizing of the Nazi genocide through sharing historiesof colonization and resistance from Algeriaand the Americas.In addition to London and France, the tour included three cities in Scotland, Dublin, Belfast, Liverpool, Sheffield, Lyon, Paris,Vienna, Geneva, and Berlin.

This tour is part of a larger Never Again campaign thatwill continue in Europe in the year ahead, and bring Dr. Meyer to the United Statesin early 2011. The goal of the campaign is to challenge the misuse of the Nazigenocide of Jews to justify the on-going colonization of Palestineand to contribute to the building of cross-genocide joint struggle, includingsolidarity with Palestine.This includes directly challenging organizations and governments thatparticipate in the exceptionalizing of the Nazi genocide and the refusal torecognize the current ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and conditions of a "slow-motion"genocide in Gaza.  

Click here for more information on the tourand campaign with links to video presentation by both Dr. Meyer and Dr. Eid andpapers and creative works by activists involved with other struggles againstgenocide that participated in the House of Parliament event in London.





Click here to download the 120-report which exposes the funders of Zionist backlash on campuses and in communities