Appeal from Mizrahi/Arab-Jews in Palestine/Israel

To our ArabJewish Mizrahi sisters and brothers who suffer from racism within the Zionistspace of Palestine/Israel:

We callon you to sign with us this appeal to the leaders of the world and inparticular to the governments of the Arab countries for the purpose of ending theblockade of Gaza and the oppression in the West Bank, and to President Mubarakto imediately desist from building a steel wall on the Southern border of Gazaand open the border between Gaza and Egypt.

We area group of social and political leaders committed to equality and justice andan end of opression in the area, born in Arab and Islamic countries as well as secondand third generation Mizrahim.

We seeourselves as natural allies in the struggle against oppression anddiscrimination in Israel/Palestine by the Zionist establishment, and we raiseour voice against the oppression of the Palestinian people during 120 years ofZionism and colonialism and 42 years of occupation in the West Bank and Gaza.

Thesiege of 1.5 million Palestinians in the Gazastrip is a crime against humanity and a shame on history. The WestBank is cut through with concrete walls, electrified fences,roadblocks and humiliating checkpoints. The incursions of the Israeli army, thearrests of grassroots leaders and activists and the killing of civilians andchildren continue uninterrupted. 

On the31st of December, 2009, we Mizrahim will march with our Palestiniansisters and brothers and our allies from the rest of the world in order toraise the consciousness of the world and in the hope of ending the cruel andinhuman siege of Gaza.

We,Mizrahi Jews, living under oppressive conditions within the Zionist space, haveacted, act and will continue to act towards ending apartheid, racism, andoccupation. We call for accountability for the obscene crimes of the Zionistregime in Israel/Palestine.

StopApartheid!                           StopRacism!                              Stop Colonialism!


ReuvenAbergel, Co-founder of the Black Panthers of Israel

Prof. Smadar Lavie

Tami Katzabian, Esq.

Eti Aviv (Sderot)

Michael Korekh









Informationfrom the High Follow Up Committee for Arab Interests in Israel:


To jointhe march for breaking the siege of Gaza, Thursday,31.12.2009, at 10:30AM:


Lastyear in this very time began the damned Israeli assault against Gaza.1440 people were killed. Over 5000 were wounded, most of them civilians andmany of them children. That is in addition to the wide scale destruction ofinfrastructure. More than 70,000 residents became refugees. Despite theworldwide protest against the war and despite the demand that Israel removes the blockade from Gazaand let the reconstruction of the strip proceed, Israel persists. The blockadecontinues and its victims are countless: children, the elderly, the sick,hundreds of families made homeless who cannot rebuild their homes, and all the1.5 million people who live in the strip as in one big prison whose gates are controlledby Israel.


We callon you to join the call from Gaza and participate in the national demonstrationfacing the Erez checkpoint, organized by the high follow up committee for ArabInterests in Israel, Thursday 31.12.09 10:30AM.


Toorder bus tickets call 052-2451455 052-8813141  






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