An Open Letter to Members of University Communities around the World

We are Jewish students who are uncompromisinglycommitted to struggles for human emancipation, of which the liberation ofthe Palestinian people and land is an indispensable part. Our commitment is tothe dismantling of Israeli apartheid, the return of Palestinian refugees, andthe ending of the Israeli colonization of historic Palestine.

As Jews, we decry Israel's 60+ years of Palestiniangenocide, and we reject the claim that Israeli violence defends a state for"us" and "our" future. We are grounded in the histories of Jewish people who,in many times and places, built solidarity with others in commonstruggle against racism, oppression, and state violence.  We are inspired by the legacy of studentactivists in this past century who made critical contributions to resistanceand liberation movements around the world.

We will not be silent about the role played by the United States,US-based organizations, and other western states, including universities andcampus groups, in justifying, funding, and escalating Israeli terrorismagainst Palestinians. We have learned, in at university and in our lives,that political Zionism-on which the Israeli state is premised-lays thegroundwork for the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, the ultimategoal of which is an exclusively Jewish state on colonized landle. For far toolong, Zionist campus organizations have used false charges of anti-Jewishracism in attempts to intimidate and discredit any student or university groupthat questions Israel'sapartheid and genocidal policies.

We assert that organizing for justice in Palestine is not anti-Jewish; it is simplyhumane, in ways that are entirely coherent with struggles for justiceelsewhere in the world and at other times in history.

We pledge our whole-hearted commitment to Campaigns for campus-basedboycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) against Israel. We support studentorganizing led by or supporting Palestinians in their struggle forjustice.  In 2005, Palestinian civilsociety called for international support through a non-violent campaign ofBDS, in the tradition of the global movement against the apartheid regimeof South Africa.Because universities around the world support Israeleconomically, culturally and politically, and by extension support Israel'spolicies of apartheid and ethnic cleansing, campus-based BDS campaigns arecritical to the global BDS strategy.

We pledgefull support for academics and students who voice opposition to Zionistideology and/or the Israeli state and its brutality in their writing andteachings. Too many professors, other scholars, and students have facedintimidation and threats to their careers for refusing to further thepredominance of Zionist ideology in academia. In the spirit of academicfreedom, we support the right of all academic professionals to contributenon-Zionist perspectives in academic settings.

We theundersigned are committed to supporting and defending efforts to endIsraeli occupation, colonization and apartheid, including but not limited toparticipation in BDS campaigns and defense of academics vocal against Israel andZionism. We call on fellow Jewish students of conscience to join us and we urgeall university members to support and participate in BDS campaigns.

We theundersigned:

Stand in solidarity with thePalestinian people, who continue to struggle in the West Bank,  in East Jerusalem, inside Israel, in Diaspora, in Gaza,and in the aftermath of the  devastatingterror campaign recently released in Gaza.

Stand with students in Palestine organizing fortheir fundamental right to education, a right which as been systematicallydenied throughout this history.

Stand with Palestinian students on ourcampuses. 

Stand with the Palestine solidarity movement at ouruniversity and in our region.

Stand with the movements of peoplethroughout the world struggling for justice and liberation. 


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Click here to download the 120-report which exposes the funders of Zionist backlash on campuses and in communities