Matzpen film screening and Radio coverage
Matzpen film screening
On July 20, IJSN members in Los Angeles organized a screening anddiscussion about Eran Torbiner's film Matzpen: Anti-Zionist Israelis.The discussion featured Liliane Cordova Kaczerginski, an IJSNInternational Core member from Paris, France who had been a member ofMatzpen in Israel for much of the 1970's. A multi-generational andmulti-racial audience of 30 attended the event, the majority of whomhad no previous exposure to the organization Matzpen and the history ofanti-Zionist organizing inside Israel. The lively discussion after thefilm discussed the trends within the Israeli anti-Zionist Left and thePalestinian Left during the period of Matzpen's activity in the 1970's,and the relevance of Matzpen for today's Anti-Zionist and PalestineSolidarity organizing. The event was held at the Workman's Circlebuilding in west Los Angeles. A most poignant moment was Liliane'smeeting with the Los Angeles Workman Circle's director, a Yiddishkeithistorian who was intimately familiar with the songs and writings ofLiliane's father, a famous Lithuanian Yiddish poet and folksong writerwho was also a Communist and part of the underground resistance. t
Radio Coverage
In addition, IJSN local organizers and international visitorsreceived substantial radio coverage over this two week period on LosAngeles station KPFK 90.7FM. This included interviews on the SojournerTruth Show and Morning Review with Riku Matsuda, and two segments onlocal news. The following list includes all the information on theseinterviews, which can be accessed through the Audio Archives section ofthe station website,  
KPFK Evening News -- Wednesday 8/6/08 -- Listen to 17:40--22:45 of the 30 minute show --Interview with Rueven Abergel, Marcelle Edery, and Gabriel Ash about Black Panther Party, Mizrahim, IJSN, and the event in LA last night.
KPFK Mid-Day News -- Tuesday 8/6/08 -- Listen to 22:43--28:30 of the 30 minute show-- Interview with Shoshana Vogal and Eric Romann.
Sojourner Truth -- Tuesday 7/29/08 -- Listen to 38:50--54:20 of 60 minute program. -Interview with Eric Romann
Morning Review with Riku Matsuda 7/31/08 -- Listen to 9:54-20:00 of 60 minutes program -- Interview with Shoshana Vogel and Eric Romann





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