International Resistance to Zionism, Panel Discussion

In a packed meeting called by the anti-Zionist International Jewish Solidarity Network, Arab Jewish, Palestinian and Jewish activists with backgrounds from India, Puerto Rico, Israel, Lebanon, France/Argentina, Britain, and the US, tackled burning questions facing the Middle East and the world. Speakers placed Zionism as the partner of US imperialism and addressed their weakening power, among Jews for whom it claims to speak and act.  Speakers also described the brutal racism of the Israeli settler state that the anti-war and anti-racist movements must confront to support the Palestinian struggle, including the mountain of survival work women do to repel the genocidal Israeli assault.  The clear and unambiguous anti-Zionism of the meeting is an exciting expression of the newly emerging network of anti-Zionist Jews demanding that we impose boycotts, divestment and sanction against Israel, as part of a broader movement for liberation.

IJSN panel 2

IJSN Panel SF 3

IJSN SF panel 1

 Speakers included:

Reuven Abarjel, Arab Jewish founder of Israel's Black Panther party and activist from Israel

Gabriel Ash, anti-capitalist writer and activist living in Geneva

Marcella Edery, Arab Jewish feminist activist, organized the Single Mother's Tent to secure rights for single Jewish & Palestinian women in Israel

Selma James, long-time organizer, beginning with women, against colonialism & racism, and coordinator of the Global Women's Strike

Liliane Kaczerginski, long-time Argentinean activist from Paris and member of Matzpen, a Jewish-Palestinian anti-Zionist organization founded in 1962 and active through the 1980s

Ricardo Levins Morales, Puerto Rican, Jewish activist and artist from Minneapolis

Feroze Mithiborwala, National President of Awami Bharat (Peoples India) and active in Palestine solidarity, anti-racist, anti-Islamophobia and anti-caste organizing nationally

Michel Shehadeh, a long-time Arab American activist, currently executive director of the SF Arab Film Festival and a member of the landmark LA 8 Case

Zeina Zaatari, Arab American activist, founding member of the Radical Arab Women's Activist Network and the National Council of Arab Americans

Max Elbaum, author of Revolution in the Air and editor of War Times, moderated the panel

The event was co-sponsoredby the Arab Resource and Organizing Center, Break the Siege, GlobalWomen's Strike, and Middle East Children's Alliance. Special thanks to all of our panelists, co-sponsors, and volunteers!

More photos from the panel are also on IndyBay.

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