The Zionist Project from a non Zionist perspective

Over the years I may have met one million people. Everytime I think what should I  do to getpeople to understand the real story of this place.  Sometimes people leave with questions anddoubts because it is hard for them to believe the wrongdoing and the evil thatwas done here. It is very hard to grasp that the group that tells the worldabout their pain and the wrongdoing done to them is at the same time doing somethingjust as wrong to others.

It is hard to argue with them because they tell abouttheir suffering in the Holocaust.  Whenyou tell them that they are doing horrible things, they tell you: you don'tknow the meaning of horrible, you weren't in the Holocaust.

But, that's not the story.

The real story is that the Zionist movement uses the Holocaustas a tool to oppress other people who were not in the Holocaust. The Zionistmovement justifies its actions by discriminating and controlling the natives.They're using the Holocaust in a way that can be misleading to the whole worldand to the local people as well. The people here are victims to this abuse.

The people in the world know that the story here isbetween the Zionists and Palestinians, that's what most people see when theytalk about this area. No one has heard any other story. The reason for that is thatthe Zionist movement uses its power to camouflage the different minoritieshere.

This is where my personal story intertwines with thePalestinian story. I am Jewish and I came from an Arab country. My culture, theculture of my parents and that of all my ancestors were rooted in Arab culture.You can say that I am an Arab Jew. How can it be that I am an Arab Jew? ShimonPeres, our President, can say "I am a Polish Jew." I am Arab I was looked at bythe European hegemonic group here as an Arab and not as a Jew. Theideology and dream of the Zionist movement was for Israel to be a Western country. Sowhen they went forward to control land, they also began deporting the Arabsthat lived here. It started before the 1948 war; in 1947 under the supervisionof the British they had already succeeded in destroying 514 Arab villages andtowns and to deport the Palestinians.

If you look at this from a demographic point of view,the Jewish Zionist movement, who were the oppressors at that time were theminority here. The Zionist movement decided to recruit Jews from Arab countriesto replace the Palestinian Arabs who were deported. Jews had been living inArab countries for 1,000s of years, they didn't have the aspiration to comehere, and they lived in prosperity. They were well off and they lived in peacewith the Arabs of their respective countries. This is in contrast with whathappened to Jews in Europe and Eastern Europe especially,since they were always persecuted and there were pogroms, with the biggest one,the Holocaust, which killed six million Jews

The Jews in Europe hada reason to find another place to live. But they found a place which was notempty. There were people here who first received them with open arms and sawthem as partners in building this land. I am telling this from my own personalperspective as a person who grew up in an Arab country. The custom is that youalways welcome those who come to you even if you don't particularly agree orlike them. Being a good host is part of the culture.

From my experience I can also say the Palestinians werevery welcoming. They opened their homes and lands to those who came. Because ofthat custom they didn't notice that they were bringing into their tents apoisonous snake. That snake ate and ate and became bigger and bigger until itbecame a monstrous animal; then it was too hard to oppose it.

The Jews here were often supported by Western colonial powers,which supported the movement for their colonial interests. After World War II theysupposedly supported the Zionist movement to compensate for what happened inthe Holocaust. But their real interests were the need to have a hold in the Middle East. After many countries under colonialism weregetting their independence, the West needed some kind of hold in the Middle East, so the Zionists movement used the Westerncountries and the Western countries used the Zionist movement. They had amutual interest.

We should not confuse ourselves; the Zionists rhetoricnever stopped stressing that they face toward the West. They see themselves aspart of the West. Even yesterday after Obama's speech in Cairo, Landau, the right-wing member ofgovernment said:  "What does Obama wantfrom us? ....We are guarding the West in this area."

If you look back and read Theodor Herzl's book (he isthe one who envisioned the state of Israel, and was the spokespersonfor the Zionist movement), you see that when he first came here and saw theland he wrote that he was so disappointed. He wrote it was very primitive,stinking, not developed and was not at all what he envisioned.

They're always trying to convince themselves thatthey are part of the West but they are actually living in the Levant, in theblackest place in the Middle East surroundedby 300 million Arabs, it is as far from the West as can be.

This lie hit them in the face in '48 and '49 when theyexpelled one million Palestinians and instead brought in one million Arab Jews.What did they do? They expelled Arabs and brought other Arabs in their place. Theywere very calculated, its a known colonial practice; if you want to prospereconomically you need to have people who are weak that you can control for yourneeds. That was the reasoning behind bringing Jews from the Arab countries.

Like we said the Jews in the Arab countries wereprosperous, had jobs, they had families, communities, so what would make themwant to come here?

Between 1906-1929 in spite of the Balfour Declarationwhich allowed Jews to come to Palestine, Jewsfrom Europe didn't want to come. 3 ½ millionJews preferred to emigrate from East Europe to the United States. The plans to have abig Jewish community here were not working.

Since the Europeans didn't want to come, and the Jewsfrom Arab countries didn't have a reason to come, the demographic situationhere was a mess. They started to cooperate with Arab leaders, in a manipulativeand corrupt ways, in order to persuade the Jews to come here.

At that time there were colonial countries controllingthe Arab countries, mainly Franceand Britain,and it was under their eyes that this was going on.

 All these players worked together in order to tryand persuade the Jews to leave, but it didn't work. They had a good reason notto come, their situation in the Arab countries was excellent. The situation ofthe Jews in Europe after the Second World Warwas very different. The European Jews were devastated; they were stripped fromeverything they had, both spiritually and economically.

 The deal with the Arab leaders was: You willexpel the Jews from your countries,  we'lltake them and leave all of their possessions behind. Their jobs and homes willremain, which makes this a good economic deal because the Jews were quiteprosperous. There was a lot of money under the table but the Jews
still didn'twant to leave and the Zionists started to contact mercenaries, local criminals,both Jews and Muslims, who made trouble in the community. Mercenaries were paidto set fire to a synagogue, throw grenades into a synagogue or kill people inthe streets. When that started to happen, the Zionist leaders called it pogromsand suggested that the Jews  leave andcome to Israel.

These practices are not new. The CIA used similarpractices to try to brake down the Black Panthers in the U.S. In order tobreak their unity, the CIA infiltrated drugs into their community which startedfights between the members. The Israelis are also doing similar things with theArabs today.

Until today, the Zionist movement denies the use ofsuch practices. We have a lot of witnesses who confess that they collaboratedand committed these acts. There are eye witnesses as well, so we know thatthese things happened.

The Jews that were brought from Europe after World WarII came straight to the port in Haifa, while theJews from North Africa were taken to France were they had to stay formore than a year. The stop over was supposed to destroy our family structureand  make us use up all the money we hadso that when we came to Israel we would be with even less power and less unitedthan we really were.

"Selection" was the term used by the Zioniststo justify the tour from North Africa vial Europe to Israel. We were nine in my family,and it took us two years until we reached Israel. We were first taken to Algeria then to Toulouse, then to Marseille. It was a kind ofimprisonment camp that the Zionist movement created for the Jews from North Africa.

On top of that we didn't know what was going on in Israel at thetime, and how our private piece of horrified history was reflected here. Journalistswere sent from Israelto cover what was going on in the camps and they wrote very vicious, hateful articlesabout how primitive we are. We said before that the communities in North Africawere prosperous and developed but those journalists wrote things that were verysimilar to what the anti-Semites wrote about Jews in Europe.

We know our history, how people like the Nazi Gables,used propaganda against Jews in Europe. Thereare films that show that Jews are like rats, that they are eating up all thefood, and contaminating Germanywith diseases, and that they are parasites and live like leeches. Thosejournalists were using the same terminology and projecting what was done tothem onto us. We didn't know this was the atmosphere that was developing in Israel and whenwe came we met a very antagonistic society.

Just as an example, the state of Israelcynically asked the UN Health Commission to donate money to the new Statebecause it needed to combat all these diseases which we didn't really have. Inthe report they wrote that the Jews from Iraqare coming with syphilis, and the Jews from N. Africaare coming with very contagious eye and skin diseases and there is a dangerthat the whole country will be infected.

One un told story that happened was that criminal gangsthat were part of the governing bodies kidnapped our babies for money. Theytold families they were taking the babies for a medical examination at thehospital, or said the baby had died. They took the babies away from us. This chapterin our history is called the capture of Yemenite babies, since most of thebabies were from Yemen.We are talking about thousands of babies who have disappeared.

Until today people are struggling to find out the truthabout the children; where they are and who the criminals are. The State doesn'tallow us to investigate this big incident.

Another story that we did manage to un- cover is veryscary. It could be compared to what Dr. Mengele did. This affair took place incooperation with the U.S. Government. I encourage you to check in Google what Iam about to tell you, it has been written about. There was a scientist calledRontgen, who invented the x-ray machine and later died from his own experimentsin radiation. The U.S.government wanted to continue and develop the x-ray machine. It was around thetime the bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and part of theinterest was to check what was the affect of radiation on humans.

There were two fields of research at that time:scientists looked at the effects of the bombs and at the effects of x-raymachines on humans. Tests were conducted mostly on Native Indians and Japanesein the camps during the war, in order to test the effects of radiation from themachines. People who passed those experiments in the US were later found to be sick anddeformed, and some years later Human Rights Organizations appealed to the highcourts for compensation. Compensation was given in millions of dollars topeople who were hurt and eventually the Pickard Company had to stop these testsin the US.That brought them to look for other countries; mostly 3rd world countrieswere they found corrupt leaders who allowed them to continue the research. 

The Americans also found partners in the Zionistmovement. The USpromised who ever takes part in this experiment hundreds of millions ofdollars. The head of the research team in Israelwas the young Dr. Shebawho is a criminal in my opinion and has become an Israeli hero. There areinstitutions and roads in his name including a big governmental hospital.

The research started in the camps in Europe whenthe North African Jews were waiting to immigrate to Israel. The French knew about itand agreed that the Zionists open clinics to experiment with the x-ray machineon humans.

Each one of us has sat under an x-ray machine, and wesee how the technicians run out of the room and how they put a big led coat onus. Today the whole process is controlled with good safety codes. From all theresearch that was done in the past the scientists today know that there is alimit to how much radiation a person should be exposed to.

According to international health codes, you can exposean adult to maximum 350 rad (units) and a child to maximum 200 rad.

100,000 Jewish children from NorthAfrica participated in the experiments without their parent'sknowledge. 20,000 died immediately, they were burned because the radiationlevel that was used on them in a series of radiations, was 20,000 rad . Four ofmy brothers died of cancer as a result of these experiments.

Today most of the people who were exposed tothese experiments have cancer or they are sick.

What did the Zionists achieve from being part of thisbig experiment? They received payment of 300,000 Israeli Lira, an amount whichwas six times higher than the health budget at that time.

From 1948 to the early 1970s we saw people dying and wedidn't know why. Nobody told us that we were part of an experiment. We startedto see there was a pattern and all those who were sick were treated againstwhat we thought was a skin disease called ringworm. This is a skin diseasewhere you have a bald spot in your hair, children get it, it is similar tolice. Parents in North Africa would treat itwith vinegar and other home remedies. Usually it goes away after a few weeksand it is not contagious.

As I mentioned before, the Israeli government spread propagandathat we were spreading diseases. They said that a good way to fight thisterrible disease, which is not terrible at all, is with radiation. That is whatthey told our families.

When we started to investigate what had happened,we found similar things were done to the Palestinians. We were in enclosedcamps, the Palestinians here were under military regime (from 1948- 1965 theArabs living in Israelwere kept under a military regime). They experimented with anyone who could becontrolled.

We can start and see that the Zionist leadership was agroup of criminals with a lot of power.  Youprobably think I am hallucinating, it

sounds like something the Nazis would do,and it is so horrible. It is hard to believe a Jew would do this to anotherJew. When we started to ask questions and start an investigation, the Stateclosed on us. They didn't let us investigate, and we couldn't get access to anyof the documents.

The Zionist Jews are known for being well-organized.How do we know they are well-organized? When you go to their archives you cansee they have kept little notes and scraps. You can find what Anne Frank wrote,you can find what some man wrote in a village from Poland, and they kept a lot of data.We started to ask questions about the Yemenite babies and the ring wormchildren and we were told the archives were set on fire, and the data we askedfor was burned.

The health minister gave Prof. Modan a mandate to checkwhat happen during the "ring worm treatments". Prof. Modan gotmaterial from the government. This data was more confidential than the informationabout the atom bomb that Israelhas. When we reached him, he said he only had 18,000 medical files but theminister of health refused to make them public. We wanted the files so we couldbe informed what was done to us and may be prepare ourselves, since no one knewhow much radiation they were exposed to.

One man from Beer Sheba was very sick and he wantedto invest his money and find the criminals who had done this to him.  Ialso would have done it but I don't have the money. He used his money togo and look through the archives. He finally got to the Spielberg archives andthat's were we first saw pictures of the barracks, where we stayed in France. Itlooks like the camps in Germany,with lines of children waiting. They don't have numbers on their arms, but youcan see a note with their number tied around their neck and they are waiting togo into the treatment room.

We publicized these pictures and the government becamevery nervous. It was the first time that we had documents and pictures. Theyasked us to keep quiet because it doesn't look good for the Jewish people ifthis comes out. In order to keep us quiet they passed a law in parliament in1994, that we would get compensation. But the criminal continued to act like acriminal, and their law was cruel. If a person wants to claim compensation, heor she has to prove that they were indeed exposed to this experiment. The lawsays that if the committee thinks that you don't have enough evidence, youdon't have a right to appeal to a higher committee.

Take me as an example, I was six years old when I wasput under this x-ray machine and now I am almost 70. My parents are dead, sowho would I bring in as my witnesses? The only truth that I can bring as evidenceis the cancer that I have in my head.  The committee decided that if youhave cancer from the neck down that's not from the radiations, and if you havecancer from the neck up than it could be from the radiation. A lot of times thecancer spreads. How can I prove that this was done to me? It's like provingthat I was raped.

The stories I told you until now are things thathappened inside "the family". One brother hurting another brother. IfI can't even tell that and have people believe me, how can I tell you that thisbrother is also hitting the neighbor? I can only imagine if one brother hitsanother brother so hard that if he is hitting the neighbor than he is probablyhitting him much harder.

It is difficult for me to tell my story when myneighbors (the Palestinians) are going through a much worse kind of oppression.It is as if I never have the space to tell about my suffering, since there is abigger oppression that is going on. Sometimes it gets even more complex becauseI am also part of the Zionist story that is oppressing the Palestinians. Evenif I personally don't oppress the Palestinians, on the contrary I fight side byside with them, my son and grandson by law have to go to the army and they dooppress the Palestinians.

As people who try to do good deeds in the world, we askquestions and we try to be on the side of the victims. So how can we explainthat there are a lot of people who want to do good, and there are more and morepeople in the world who are oppressed. Maybe we are not doing the right thing;maybe we are not asking the right questions. Maybe what we are doing is tryingto clean our own conscience. I want to ask if we even have the ability tocreate change. I believe we do, one person can change the world, if there isbelief, it doesn't matter what you believe in, it has to be a strong beliefwith no doubt, because evil is everywhere. The big picture is so huge, that itmakes it hard for me to tell you my small story, of how I go to sleep, what Ithink about, how I wake up, what I say when I wake up, what I gave my childrento eat in the morning, who is waiting for me in the checkpoint, what will Ifind when I come back from there, maybe I might not even come back.

There is a way to brake down this group of criminals,like criminals everywhere in the world, since the evil is not only here. Theway to do it is to be persistent. It is important to understand that noteverything is about money. Sometimes the financial aid you send becomes a meansto continue the problem and not solve it.

The colonialists and the oppressors know that if you pourin a lot of money it will make everyone fall asleep and stop them from strugglingor opposing the issue at stake. I speak to you, even if you don't live here itis not enough to send a check, you need to constantly question the people whoare running your countries. You have to send letters and demonstrate. You don'thave to come here and demonstrate in Bi'lin. You should demonstrate under thewindows of your leaders in Europe or in the US, who support the criminals here.If the Zionists will be isolated they will not be able to continue and do thecrimes they are doing now. Our aim should be to find their partners andstruggle against them.

The partnership between Palestinians and Arab Jews isan impossible partnership. From a psychological point of view, as an Arab Jew Iwant to associate my self with the ones who have power in the country. That iswhy the solution here is abnormal and sick, both the Palestinians and the ArabJews are looking at the criminal to solve their oppression. We are all fallinginto that same trap, a trap that is set by the Zionist leaders and theirEuropean partners.

What do we have here is a profile of a criminal who isalso oppressing; he is my doctor, my psychologist and my social worker. He alsoheads the human rights organizations that I go to. One such person is ourpresident Shimon Peres who received the Noble Peace Prize.

Let us look at this phenomenon empirically: who isShimon Peres, How come he deserves a Noble Prize? All the doors are open tohim, the leaders in the world, including the Arab leaders welcome him. Are allthe criminals cooperating with him or am I paranoid?

I'm not paranoid. I know him; I grew up with himin this country. I also know his "landlord", Ben-Gurion. Peres is thehead of The Peres Peace Center which is built like a monument, like the RomanKing Herod who built castles to glorify himself. The PeresPeace Centeris built in Jaffaon land that was confiscated from Palestinian families. This man receivesdonations from Europe to lead groups likePeace Now, Peace Later, Peace Tomorrow. This is the same man who establishedthe first settlements in the West Bank. We arestill fighting this cancerous settlements project and we don't have x-raymachines to help us.

That is not all; he is also responsible for buildingthe biggest nuclear plant in the Middle East and Europe, right here in Israel, withthe help of the British and the French.  

So you understand how these people work; on the onehand they commit all these crimes and on the other hand you can't say anythingcritical against them, because they were in the Holocaust. They are developingthe biggest n

uclear centers in the region and at the same time complaining thatAhmadinejad is building a nuclear power plant in Iran.

Don't get me wrong, I'm against nuclear powereverywhere. I personally went through the ringworm treatment. I know exactlywhat it means to be radiated.

Peres is the architect of crime, he is the top ofthe pyramid, we can call him the Pope of the crime. If we want to analyze andbrake down the crime it will take us a long time, it has been going on for 120years. I don't expect you to be part of my research of this 120 year old crime.But what I want you to do when you are here in this area is open your eyes, askquestions and think all the time what happens to the individual, simple personthat leaves his home in the morning to go to work; what happens to him, try toexpose the lies that are told to you.

I want to thank you for listening to me; I apologizethat I couldn't do it in your language. In the 60 years I have been here Ididn't get the opportunity to get an education, I only have a small ability to expressmy self in Hebrew. I was not given the opportunity to learn and get highereducation.










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