Launch Campaign

OnOn September 29, the International Jewish Solidarity Network released itsfounding Charter. For the last couple of year, the International JewishSolidarity Network has been building internationally and is now ready for broaderparticipation and partnership. With the release of the Charter, we are callingfor a week of coordinated actions across the world that confront Zionism and supportthe Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions call from Palestine.

Thisrelease of the Charter marks the eighth anniversary of the second intifadawhich inspired a stronger solidarity movement and growing criticism of Israel. The monthof actions is being kicked off over the Jewish High Holidays. For some of us,Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are a time for reflection and atonement for theindividual and collective injustices we have committed or have allowed tohappen.  Through taking collective responsibilitywe seek a year of greater possibility for justice in Palestine, the broader region and our world.

Weare therefore mobilizing practicing and secular Jews across the globe to honorthe second intifada and the high holidays by taking action to divesteconomically, politically, emotionally and spiritually from Zionism and from Israel.

We are calling for the following actions:


Confront Zionism: Support the Palestinian call for boycottingZionist and Israeli cultural, educational, sporting and political events andthe academic boycott. Confront Zionist organizations that support IsraeliApartheid, censor and target individuals and organizations for criticism of Israel, andcollaborate in US-European Islamophobia.  

Organizea rally or direct action, in partnership with other organizations impacted byand organizing to confront the US/Israeli agenda, to target ZionistInstitutions or the Israeli Consulate-read and distribute the founding Charter.Invite testimony from organizations and individuals most targeted for theirsolidarity with Palestine and/or criticisms of Israel andthose most impacted by Islamophobia.

Organizea rally or direct action to target 'Jewish' institutions that confuse supportof Israel with the defenseof Jews, disguising political and economic support of Israel asJewish cultural and community work. Use the Charter to demand that theseinstitutions "divest from Israel."

Organizea public taschlit service, a ritual that symbolizes the casting away of ourmisdeeds, to cast away Zionist narratives and mythology and the ways that wehave fallen short in countering them in the past year.  The service can orient us toward a new yearwith renewed commitment to struggles for justice in Palestine and in the communities and countriesin which we live and organize. 

Divest from Israel:Support the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS)against Israel.

StickerIsraeli products using the provided on-line stickers or create your own. 

Distributeletters to stores carrying Israeli products that highlight our request tode-shelve Israeli products in support of our honoring of the high holidays.

Organizea rally to support existing local BDS campaigns targeting businesses,organizations or government officials that support Israel through partnering withorganizers of existing campaigns.

Put the Charter out into the World: Use the founding Charter asan opportunity to voice and bring visibility to anti-Zionist politics.

Organizeeducational events that highlight the relationship between Zionism, the USagenda in the region, and national and local struggles for economic, racial,gender and environmental justice, and indigenous, immigrant and labor rights.(For example, in San Francisco we are organizingan educational forum on water justice-from Gazato Bolivia to Oakland.)

Organizea forum offering diverse perspectives and testimonies based on the foundingCharter. (For example, testimonies might be heard of those most impacted byZionism and/or struggling against similar experiences of displacement andracism-from the US Wall of Death to the Right of Return for Katrina survivors.)

Organizecultural events that reflect the anti-Zionist, anti-oppression and anti-colonialpolitics of the Charter.

Organizemeetings with local public officials to introduce yourselves as an anti-ZionistJewish constituency and let your officials know that they will hear from you onissues pertaining to Israel.

Publishthe Charter in community, local and regional newspapers and publications.

Usethe Charter to build relationships with Palestine Solidarity and otheranti-imperialist, anti-racist, social justice organizations-invite input intoCharter and our campaigns and work moving forward.





Click here to download the 120-report which exposes the funders of Zionist backlash on campuses and in communities